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How the River Flows: Discovering Intuitive Leadership

- out now!

“If you’re interested in making a better work experience for yourself and others within your business, this book’s for you. Leadership’s hard but it should be rewarding!” Steve Adlard

It’s a tough time to lead, so why not open your mind and take on a new approach to leadership? Our thought-provoking new book, ‘How the River Flows: Discovering Intuitive Leadership’, is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or here on Lulu and introduces organisations to a new way of leading in today’s climate.

How the River Flows

 approaches some of the most pressing challenges to contemporary leadership in a highly accessible way

 encourages a more intuitive approach to getting more sustainable results

 provides ways to create conditions for people to exercise their potential

 explores the neglected areas of organisational life that hold the key to strengthening relationships and creating more loyalty, alignment and meaning for leaders and their teams

Organisations need to provide conditions where their leaders are able to create an engaging culture and retain loyal employees in an increasingly expensive and competitive marketplace.

What do others say?

 “Steve has been working globally with the leadership teams at Southco to create a consistent approach to leadership.

Introducing his book has helped us to strengthen our important focus on leading well and it’s being quoted by our leaders to explain their thinking.

Steve’s ideas, experience and depth of knowledge has supported our leadership development in so many ways; we feel there’s been strong value from the work that he’s delivered.” Su Harding of Southco

Where can you purchase it?

Written for leaders at all levels, you can purchase How the River Flows on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or here on Lulu. Follow us on twitter @IntuitiveLead to find out more and keep in touch.

The only real valuable thing is intuition -

Albert Einstein

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